Magic Flight Launch Box

Handcrafted in the USA, Magic Flight Launch Box is the quintessential organic vape. Specifically designed for dry herb vaping it uses a single AA battery to power the heating element. We at throw in an extra set of genuine MFLB rechargeable batteries.

Elegant Simplicity

No electronics, no fancy gizmos, simplicity of vaping at it's finest. There are only four parts to the MFLB:

  • Outer Wood Casing
  • Heating Chamber
  • Clear Closure
  • Draw Tube (Not actually part of the unit)*

Great Accessories

Every Magic Flight Launch Box comes with a great set of accessories.

  • One Maple Launch Box
  • A couple (2) rechargeable batteries
  • Caps for batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Decorative storage tin
  • Glass mouth piece
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instructions manual