Airistech Viva

A vape that other vapes look up to. Why? Maybe because it has sold well over 250,000 units. It's affordable, it's portable, its reliable. The Viva is the original vape that countless other brands have re-branded and sold as their own. Whenever you see this vape with another logo you are looking at a re-brand of this very vape. Because we carry the original you get an awesome vape at an incredible price.

Airistech Nokiva

Using the tested heating element of the Viva, the Nokiva brings you previously unseen mini size. This is a vape that truly fits in the palm of your hand. But because it's small it does not mean it skimps on features. Degree by degree temperature control, auto shutoff and good battery life, make this vape a clear choice if you're looking for an extremely compact vape.

Airistech Clevea

The latest addition to the Airistech vape family is the multi-functional Clevea. Whether you're into oils, waxes or dry herbs this vape can handle it all. With both voltage AND temperature setting options the user is in absolute control over their vaping method. Be on the lookout for re-brands and clever OEM versions at a premium, their bound to spring up like mushrooms after rain, the Clevea is the original and is your lowest price vendor of this versatile vaporizer.