Do you like a good deal, do you like discounts, do you like to pay less than asking price?

Me too!

But it's not always entirely obvious on how to get a good deal when a product isn't on sale.

As an online retailer in a very competitive niche that vaporizers are, I employ various techniques to entice shoppers to purchase from my website.

These 5 insider tips exploit retailer marketing techniques and will save you money on your next online purchase:

1. Sign up for Newsletters

Opting in to newsletters is probably the simplest and least involved way of getting a good deal.

As a retailer I am constantly on the hunt for new clients and new business. Sending an email to my newsletter subscribers lets me efficiently communicate news about an upcoming sale or special offer.

I realize that everyone is allergic to SPAM and I mean who doesn't love clicking through 100 Grow Your Junk emails every morning. 

5.2 Billion Spam Email sent every hour in 2015

But don't let that stop you from subscribing to newsletters of companies that you may wish to follow or purchase something in the future. 

If you're signed up with a major free email service like Gmail, Yahoo or my least favorite Hotmail then their built in spam management systems will weed out most unsolicited marketing email anyhow. 

I as a seller stay away from any methods that personally annoy me, getting my inbox flooded by offers from the same store on a daily basis is pretty annoying and a weekly (if that) newsletter update to my clients is plenty.

If you'd like an extra level of protection simply create a new email address and use it only for newsletter subscriptions, contests or any other promo material, this way your personal email isn't affected and all the offers you are interested in go to one place.

2. Exchange Rate

Cross border shopping especially between Canada and the United States has never been easier.

Reasonable personal importation exemptions (up to $800) and low freight costs (including Free Shipping offers) make purchasing from across the border extremely easy.

Fluctuations between exchange rates can come to your aid when looking for bargain offers.

This is especially useful when you have a product where the manufacturer imposes a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

So in the case of the Arizer Solo Vaporizer that I happen to sell the MAP for retailers in Canada is $159 CAD.

Graph Showing Historical CAD to USD Exchange Rates

If you are a U.S based shopper and the American Dollar has a favorable exchange rate like at the time of me writing this (1CAD is worth only 0.75 USD), your advertised purchase your Solo from a Canadian retailer is just $119 USD.

Add bonus items and a discount coupon to that equation and you're walking out with a steal of a deal. 

3. Smaller Retailers

It may seem counter intuitive to some that a smaller retailer may have better prices than a large operation. But at times this is actually the case.

A smaller operator will have less overhead to cover and if they are a fair retailer they will be able to transfer those savings to lower prices or better discount offers.

This technique usually works if the retailer has specialized in one or two types of products or brands.

They buy sufficient stock to take advantage of bulk discounts but are small enough that they do not need to bulk up their pricing to account for high operating costs. 

4. Ask for a Discount

Don't be shy!

If you do not see any discounts being offered on the website, no coupon codes are coming via the newsletter etc. pick up the phone or use the contact us form or email.

Ask the retailer if they can offer you a break on the advertised price.

Survey Says: 9 out of 10 say YES!

I conducted a small survey to verify that my assertion held up in the real world.

I called on 10 random online retailers, from shopping cart plugin vendors to aromatherapy suppliers.

Only one of them (the shopping cart plugin vendor) told me they had no coupons at the moment. 

Everyone else either gave me a coupon code to use or told me what and where to click on their webpage to get a discount.

90% of the time the retailer will be able to offer you a discount via a coupon code or special link that they have available but have not advertised. 

If you are a repeat customer even better, customer loyalty is at a premium these days, so if you happen to be a returning client smaller guys like me will be more than happy to reward you for your loyalty.

5. Abandon Carts (a glimpse behind the SEM curtain)

This technique is one that takes advantage of Remarketing Audiences technology offered by such giants as Google (Adwords) and Bind (Ads).

NOTE: Few smaller retailers use Remarketing at this time. Its still mostly the domain of marketing powerhouses like Amazon, eBay etc.

Remarketing tool are readily available to anyone selling online. Smaller retailers are simply slower to adopt these methods. 

As a retailer I have the immense power of the fore mentioned tech giants to promote my products .

One of those methods allows me to track when a client has abandoned a cart midway through a transaction.

This is how it works:

You as a purchaser put products into your virtual shopping cart and begin the checkout process but for whatever reason you abandon the cart and do not complete the transaction. 

Screenshot of google analytics

If you happen to have created an account with my website and abandoned the cart, I will have the ability to try and still do business with you.

I do this by sending you an email reminding you about the abandoned shopping cart. 

99.9% of the time this email will include a promotional offer to entice you to make a purchase. 

In the case you did not create an account with my store. I can still target you via Google or Bing Ads who use cookies to track your online movements.

You may have noticed that after visiting say eBay or some other retail space, an add from that retailer will pop up in your Facebook account or on some other page you visit.

Below is a screen shot of just such an instance. I was looking online for a washroom exhaust fan, I went on and browsed their selection. 

I then went back to work and looked up some commands for our server auditing.

As you can see the page I am looking at is a page about server settings.

It has ZERO to do with washroom exhaust fans.

Yet what do we see? An exhaust fan ad from This is remarketing.

Pay attention to those particular ads as they may contain special offers for the products you are shopping for. 


In today's online world you as a customer should never pay full asking price.

Regardless of the form be it a cash discount or bonus items that give added value to the purchase, an extra day or two shopping around using the above techniques should leave a few extra dollars in your pocket.

To my readers:

Do you have any techniques that you can share with us in getting a better deal than what is advertised?

Please use the comment section below to add your suggestion or experience.

I'd love to see what other methods are available to today's online shoppers.