Arizer Solo II

Everyone is talking about the new Arizer Solo 2.


If you read other reviews, it’s because it’s a must buy.

But is it really?

Rather than regurgitate the same things that all other reviewers seem to do which is tell you how amazing the new unit is (and by proxy sell you on the Arizer 2),

I will give you straight facts and personal commentary to provide you with sufficient information to make an informed purchasing decisions.

(I will use Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Solo II interchangeably in this review until we get a clear indication of what the industry consensus on nomenclature becomes clear).

Arizer Solo 2 Specifications


Height: 114mm
Width:  44mm on the wide side by 27mm on the short side.

Temperature Control:

Range: 50° C and 220° C (122° F – 428° F)
Increments: 1° C or 10° C
Heating Time:  220° C (428° F) Around 30 Seconds

Battery Life:

Max usage time per charge: 3 hours
Full charge from empty: 3 hours

Herb Capacity:

(Depending on moisture and compact level): 0.1 - 0.2 grams

OLED Menu Options:

Volume: Low | Medium | High | Off
Session Timer (before auto shutdown):   5 – 15 minutes (default is 10 minutes)
Temperature Scale: Celsius and Fahrenheit
OLED Screen Brightness:  Low | Medium | High
Start-Up Timer: 4, 6 or 8 seconds (how long you have to hold the power on button before it starts)

Package Contents:

1 – Arizer Solo II Heater
1 – Wall Charger
1 – 90mm Straight Glass Stem
1 – 110mm Straight Glass Stem
1 - Potpourri Dish
4 – Mesh Filters
2 – Stem Caps
1 - Stirring Tool aka Pokee Stick
1 – Sample Herb Pack
1 - Manual

Color Options:

Carbon Black

Mystic Blue

 Arizer Solo 2 | Review

Is it worth upgrading to the Arizer Solo 2?

The Arizer Solo 2 is a slimmer holding, tech filled, longer lasting vaporizer.

Is it worth the premium you’re paying over the original Solo?

That depends

You have to ask yourself?

What am I looking for in a vape?

How price sensitive is my wallet?

I think that the original Solo works extremely well and is a proven vape workhorse. We shouldn’t automatically put it to pasture because a newer version of the product has come out.

If price is a big factor then of course spring for the original Solo, you’ll get a great product at a discount.

If price isn’t that much of a factor; Here are the new features the Solo II brings to the table that may be worth the premium in price.

Arizer Solo II - Features

OLED Display

This is the first thing you notice of the Solo 2. Its also the feature most people will base their purchasing decision on. Vaping settings are now easily accessible via a visual menu.

I like it, you’ll like it

Its 2017 after all and this upgrade is a no brainer and a very useful and convincing feature. (I mean our 70 dollar vapes have a visual display so its not like its revolutionary).

Arizer Solo 2

Degree by degree temperature control

With degree by degree temperature control you are no longer bound to a preset range of temperatures.

A very convenient feature especially for us who like to tweak their temps to exactly the herb profile we are vaping at the moment.

I’ve said it time and time again that sub 350° F is a temp that I like to bake my herbs at. I love the terp filled pine like taste.

If oil aromatherapy is your thing starting at a mere 122° F opens up a world of possibilities which were unavailable previously.

Eucalyptus for example has a vaporization temperature of 266 °F.

The original Solo 1 had the following initial temp settings:

  • Level 1-50°C / 122°F (15 sec)
  • Level 2-185°C / 365°F (1 min)

As you can see the first level was too low to vape eucalyptus, and the second was too high giving us very harsh vapor.

With degree by degree temp control given by the Arizer Solo 2 you can now dial in the prescribed 266° F with no issues.

Vapor Quality (LOL)

Everyone talks about vapor quality. I think it’s a useless and OVER hyped/played subjective “measurement”.

Vapor is vapor is vapor

If you heat herb X to 356° F in a contaminant neutral device or environment it will be exactly the same weather you use device Y or Z.

What this means is that if you evenly heat your herb in the Arizer Solo 1 or Arizer Solo 2. The vapor is exactly the same.


The difference comes in during the draw and this is where opinions can enter the arena.

The Arizer Solo II has a more open air path then its predecessor. This added mixture of air dilutes the vapor and gives for a smoother feeling draw.

Battery Life

With the new version of the vape you get nearly double the usage per charge.

If you actually use this portable vape as a portable vape then there is not much to debate or review here. It’s all gravy.

But if you keep the unit primarily at home, then you can make do with the original Solo 1 battery capacity by charging the unit up when necessary.

 Arizer Solo II | Review


It may just be that like a new car model for the most part a new visual is an appealing proposition.

Something with our desire to experience new things maybe.

But in all honesty the new Solo is better looking then the old version.

The OLED gives it the contemporary face lift.

Paired with the sleeker profile and my favorite; the brushed metal look the Arizer Solo II is an appealing product.


Is a $120 or so premium in price worth the extra features you get with the Arizer Solo 2?

You tell me.

If money is tight, and you have only one herb in mind, the Solo 1 will serve you reliably well.

If you have the budget for a vape that is future proof for the next few years, gives you an extended battery life, degree by degree control for any herb you may wish to vape and clear visual cues then definitely go for this new and improved Arizer Solo 2.

Regardless of your choice will hook you up with discount coupons and extra goodies with every purchase.

You’re guaranteed to get the best deal from us PERIOD.