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Assembled in Guleph, Ontario, Canada the Arizer Solo is among an established elite of herb vaporizers. Its simplicity of use and reliability is testified by thousands of satisfied customers.

We at are confident that our Arizer Solo package is by far the best offering anywhere on the internet.

With your standard factory Solo package we also include the following free gifts:

  • Extra Glass Stem
  • 2 FDA approved O-Rings
  • 6 Wire Mesh Stem Screens
  • 4 Piece Zinc Grinder !
  • Free Expedited Shipping in Canada
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Low Price Affordable Price
Good Battery Life Up to 2 hours of continuous use per charge
5 Temperature Settings 7 preset temperature settings
Quick heating time Heats in under 1 minute
Safe Safe glass and stainless steel air path

Factory Package Includes

  • 1 Arizer Solo Heating Unit
  • 1 Charger
  • 2 Glass Stems (1 Straight and 1 Bent) 
  • 1 Glass Potpourri Dish 
  • 1 Metal Pokee Stick 
  • 2 Stem Caps 
  • 1 Packet of Dry Herbs (Wild Flowers, Lemon Grass, Lavender etc).'s Free Extras

Item Price
1 Free Glass Stem $9.97
2 2 FDA O-Rings $2.47
3 6 Wire Mesh Stem Screens $2.47
4 4 Piece Zinc Grinder $14.97
5 Expedited Shipping $20+
Total Value of Freebies $49.98


The Solo Vape comes with a standard lifetime heating element warranty and two year limited warranty on the unit itself. The battery is covered under a 1 year warranty.

Arizer Solo Tips and Tricks

After turning off the unit you can return to your last temperature setting immediately by turning the unit back on and holding the Down Arrow for a few of seconds.

If you do not like the “beep” prompt everytime you do anything with the Solo you can turn it off by holding the Up Arrow for a few seconds. To turn the audio prompt back on repeat the process.

If you glass stems fit too tight (this can be the case with brand new units), turn the vape on and let it heat to max temperature, keep it there for 8-10 minutes, when everything is nice and hot the ring around the top of the bowl will become a bit more giving and you can slide your glass tube in much more easily. Repeatedly insert and remove the glass tube. If on the other hand your glass tubes are too loose for your liking you can use the FDA O-Rings we supply with every Arizer Solo purchase please have a look at this instructional video on how to center and install the O-Rings provided.

Please have a look at this instructional video on how to center and install the O-Rings provided with every Arizer Solo purchase.These O-Rings are not necessary for the operation of the unit, they are used only when the glass stem becomes loose and the user prefers to have a tight fitting glass mouthpiece.

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