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So you're looking for a well priced vape. The Airistech Viva should fit the bill. It's very affordable, fits well in the hand and is a full featured dry herb vape. 

It's also one of the best selling vaporizers in the world with over 250,000 units sold, a number that speaks for itself.

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The Airistech Viva was first introduced in 2013. It was a well price well engineered entry on the market, within a few months it began to gain traction. It has now sold in excess of 250,000 units both under the Airistech brand as well as re-branded editions. In this quick moving industry it can safely be counted a classic.

Jack's Airistech Viva Review

An entry level vape does not mean a compromise on quality. The Airistech Viva is one such example. It shares its internals with the Airistech Nokiva but gives the user a different external package.

Airistech is the original designer and manufacturer of this unit. The Viva has been re-branded by a tone of companies such as Wulf. We naturally stock the true original.

The Viva isn’t the smallest of vapes out there it’s nearly the size of the Arizer Air. It holds kind of like a “recorder” and you inhale as if you were playing a piccolo.

Picolo Shmicolo


Low Price Affordable Price
Good Battery Life 2200 mah lithium battery
OLED OLED display
Degree Accurate Temperature Control True degree by degree temperature control
Good Temperature Range 350f-450f degree range
Quick heating time Heats in 20 seconds
Built in filter Built in replaceable screen filter in mouthpiece

Factory Package Includes

  • Airistech Viva Vape
  • 3 Silicone Mouthpieces
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Wall Plug Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Poker
  • Cleaning Brush 


  • 1 - Take the top mouthpiece off and pack the ceramic heating chamber with your herb. 
  • 2 - Put the mouthpiece back on the unit and tap the on button 5 times in quick succession. 
  • 3 - The unit will turn on and automatically heat up to your last set temperature.
  • 4 - To turn off, tap the on button 5 times and that’s as complicated as it gets. 

*The Viva has an auto shut off feature that is activated after the unit has been continuously on for 5 minutes.


You do not need to spend insane amounts on your vape, affordable full featured units such as the Viva give you an amazing value for the vaporizer your getting. Think of it this way, you can get yourself two of these for the price of one branded unit. You simply can’t go wrong with the Airistech Viva.

Airistech Viva Tips and Tricks

Tapping the temperature setting button increases/decreases the temperature by single degree increment. Holding the button down increases/decreases the temperature rapidly.

To change the temperature unit of measure to Fahrenheit hold the temperature up (+) button and power button at the same time.

To change the temperature unit of measure to Celsius hold the temperature down (-) button and power button at the same time.

If you are running low on battery the power button will flash RED 8 times.

A fully drained battery will take around 3 hours to charge.

Although the unit heats up to temperature in about 20 seconds, I suggest you holding the herb in at temperature for about a minute to make sure the heat has penetrated to all parts of the herb.

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